All Lotusphere 2010 OGS demo's in under 30 mins.

The best thing I like in Lotusphere is the demo part. This year IBM didn’t broadcast the Opening General Session live, but it has been put up today after all. I regret the lousy 125 kbps, but you still get an impression of the demo material which was presented. You can sit for the entire 2h30 to see the entire OGS, but you can also skip through the demo’s using the index below.

  1. ls10_ron_part1 1:02:40 Sametime Unified Telephony / Connections in Notes / Quickr DnD in Notes / Quickr for Domino / Quickr Calendar in Notes (5:30)
  2. ls10_ron_part2 1:11:10 Traveler Companion (1:35)
  3. ls10_ron_part3 1:15:35 xPages in Notes / OpenNTF: Twitter status updater (2:39)
  4. ls10_ron_part4 1:20:10 Connections Next (2:39)
  5. ls10_ron_part5 1:23:49 New Accelerators for WebSphere Portal / LiveText, Widgets, SUT in Notes (4:44)
  6. ls10_ron_part6 1:30:58 Sametime Meetings with RADVision multi-point HD video (2:58)
  7. ls10_ron_part7 1:34:52 LotusLive Engage (1:30)
  8. ls10_ron_part8 1:39:35 LotusLive Labs (1:32)

Do you want more? Lotusphere Comes To You! March 20, 2010 in Houten (NL). Click here to register.

My 2010 favorite is Sametime Meetings 8.5. We don’t have RADVision, but we do can show you great video performance in the browser with nothing else installed. Be there!

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