Collaborative Cross Cloud Combinations

Companies moving to the cloud tend to choose for either Microsoft Online (aka BPOS), Google Apps Premier Edition (aka GAPE), IBM LotusLive or some alternative from smaller SaaS vendors like ourselves at e-office. But when choosing, it’s more relevant to go all the way or go for the hybrid solution and keep some applications on premise. These days, the trigger for moving to the cloud is cost. And for a good reason, since it is quite expensive to run a high available 24/7 collaborative suite on premise. The biggest cost is having the skilled administrators on-site and that cost drops when you push it all into the cloud. Off course all major SaaS vendors are offering very low suite prices, but it is still very interesting to look at the possibilities to mix and match the components in these suites. When deciding what should go to the cloud and what is kept on premise, the option to mix technologies can help you to go all the way!

So for example if you want to go for Google Apps Premier Edition but you are considering to keep your BlackBerry users on premise on Exchange because they want the BES experience, you can also mix the hosted Google BES from e-office with full GAPE and save the coexistence hassle. Or if you want to integrate telephony to your collaborative suite, but don’t want to wait for BPOS to add it you can add the full hosted OCS from e-office to your BPOS suite. So don’t focus on one option, but mix and match when moving to the cloud.

Did you make a mix? I would like to hear from you!

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